Monday 2 October 2023

The reflection seismology laboratory, nicknamed "SismoLab-3D", is an infrastructure housed in the Roma 1 Section of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia aimed at storing, processing, and interpreting seismic reflection data and analyzing exploration wells, as well as performing the numerical analysis of derived products for geological, seismological, and seismotectonics studies.
The laboratory has advanced tools for the analysis of subsurface geophysical data and offers the possibility of producing crustal-scale 3D geological models.
For these purposes, the laboratory enables the users to access publicly available data and data derived from the stipulation of specific agreements or collaborations with external institutions, public and private, and which may be subject for various reasons to confidentiality agreements. In the latter case, the laboratory is responsible for managing access profiles to IT resources with specific permissions based on the type of data used.
SismoLab-3D was established in January 2018 to organize and centralize data resources and tools (hardware and software) and develop the technical-scientific skills already present in the INGV to analyze geophysical data. Initially, the laboratory operated in distributed mode, and since May 2021, it has had a function space with three workstations.
Contact us to access the laboratory, take advantage of the available resources or activate scientific collaborations, including internships and graduate or doctoral theses.

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